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SmyleSafe is an access control software that blocks adults and hate websites based on parent's preferences
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18 February 2013

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Do you have kids at home and are you wary about all the various sites the internet has to offer? Are you aware of the dangers of the kind of filth that is actually present for your children to exploit? Do you feel confused about what kind of steps you should take to ensure the safety of your kids from this vile and filthy digital world? Do you want to monitor what kind of activities your children are getting into on the internet? Well all that can be arranged along with so much more all because of SmyleSafe for Windows 1.0. It lets the user decide everything about what their children should do online while keeping a watchful eye over them.

Empowering the parents is a fantastic way to gain their trust and this software application does just that by providing the power to them to monitor their children’s online activities. SmyleSafe for Windows 1.0 provides your children with a safe internet zone where they can have fun as well as learn about new things which would help them to grow for their betterment. It is compatible with most of the browsers and comes rife with many options that help in keeping a check on the kids. It has the ability to block out websites according to categories like social networking, instant messaging, adult websites etc. It has the option of setting age based content filtering that gives options for the user to choose from relevant to his child’s age group. The user can also restrict and block applications that he wants his children to stay away from.

Keeping your children safe while educating them about the dangers that lay ahead, SmyleSafe for Windows 1.0 does its job in a marvelous way. It gets a score of 3 out of 5 for helping the parents out to better protect their children.

Publisher's description

SmyleSafe lets you decide everything that kids do online on their computer. It also tells you everything that you should know but you don't. SmyleSafe provides your kids a safe Internet zone where they surf everything that is monitored, filtered and looked-after by you. Compatible with popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and more.
Categorized Website Blocking
Allow or block specific website categories. For instance, you can choose to block social networking or instant messaging websites for young teens or you can filter only adult and violent content for older teens. You can also setup your own customized categories.
Age-Based Content Filtering
Choose from SmyleSafe age groups that best matches your child's age. This will automatically block content inappropriate for your child's age. You can also allow or deny access to any website your child requests.
Restrict Applications
Block any applications you don't want your child to use. The application will not run. For instance, you can block other web browsers to make sure they access only what you see fit for them. You can also block your child from Facebook or game apps.
Screenshot Monitoring
SmyleSafe takes a snapshot of the Desktop at regular interval like a camera pointed towards your computer screen. You can view every activities performed on the monitored computer with this feature.
Parent Online Dashboard
You will be able to login to the SmyleSafe website to view your child's web visits, including any blocked sites they tried to visit. You can also view GPS locations along with a map. You can approve your child's access requests and adjust settings as well.
Version 1.0
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